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>Software: ,HMA VPN for Windows,HP H19-301 Exam Dumps,How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10,High Adventure,Harmless Skeleton , More than 50000 freeware software, shareware, software listed and growing......




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New Listed Software

HMA VPN for Windows
Shareware/Freeware software description: Prevent hackers from stealing your passwords, banking details, or any other private data on public Wi-Fi. It can even protect your device from malware, phishing, and spam sites. Conceal your personal information and your location (IP address) online from snoops like your internet service provider, and put an end to manipulative pricing and messages. (..more)
HP H19-301 Exam Dumps
Shareware/Freeware software description: is a dependable and sincere platform who provide H19-301 exam questions with 100% pass guarantee. You need to exercise questions for a day at least to score properly inside the exam. Your actual journey to pass in H19-301 exam, surely starts offevolved with exam exercise questions this is the awesome and established source of your targeted role. (..more)
How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10
Shareware/Freeware software description: In this e-book i explain in details step by step how to map network drive in widows 10 .. check it out.. (..more)
High Adventure
Shareware/Freeware software description: A small and inconspicuous story - a little hero: D. You can visit 4 main locations and fight with the boss! You need to be careful and accurate in your actions, not be afraid of defeat and go to your goals. You are a small and unsightly alien whose ship was shot down by the Lord of the Void. Your main goal is to get to the boss and defeat him. Have a nice adventure! (..more)
Harmless Skeleton
Shareware/Freeware software description: Harmless Skeleton - a hardcore 2D platformer with survival elements in which you have to go through various levels for an evil skeleton named Skeleton. In this platformer, your main task is to collect keys that will ultimately help open the door to the skeleton house for you. At each level there are 4 keys, collecting which will open the very door to the house of Skeleton, after which you will be taken to the next level. Be careful, there are var (..more)


Updated Software VPN for Windows
Shareware/Freeware software description: s Windows VPN client is one of a kind solution with a set of unique features to make it stand out from the rest. It has recently released an update for its Windows app introducing some new features like IP leak Protection, DNS leak Protection, Fallback Protocol Support, Kill Switch, Auto-Connect, IPv6 protection and a lot more. It s as easy as 123, No Registration, No Login required. Just download and enjoy the fastest VPN in the world. (..more)
Shareware/Freeware software description: HoudahSpot is a versatile and easy-to-use desktop search tool for Mac. It combines the speed of Spotlight with precise search criteria, flexible results display and previews to help to find the right document, music, photo, or video file. Use HoudahSpot to comb through notes and reference materials or hunt down that elusive missing file. HoudahSpot helps you find what you need when you need it. (..more)
Home Plan Pro
Shareware/Freeware software description: Many CAD programs are designed for architects and engineers. These can be expensive, as well as hard to learn, and difficult to use. Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw good-quality, straightforward designs. --Built-in fax driver --Multiple drawing layers --Metric or USA Measurements --Dozens of Fill Patterns --Hundreds of Resizeable Figures --Export to bitmap or DXF (..more)
Halloween Night Riddle
Shareware/Freeware software description: 3D logic puzzle board game. The Halloween night is a period of time when even the most unbelievable thing may happen. And this is my story that happened on the Halloween night. You may believe me or not but suddenly I found myself in the dark forest. And there was a strange mansion... I did not know why I was there. But the beautiful witch told me that if I wanted to find the way home I had to go to the mansion and solve some riddles! (..more)
Home Cinemas Free Screensaver
Shareware/Freeware software description: Probably you like to watch movies on TV at home. In this case the Home Cinemas free screensaver is for you. It will show you off the nice views of the different interior design for your home cinema. You will see the variety of furniture arrangements and color palettes that fits for both large and small rooms. Install this screensaver and choose your future home cinema design just now! (..more)

Software News

Office 365 Backup Tool to Backup Emails from Office 365 Account
Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool is a professional software to backup emails from Office 365 account and restores emails from PST file into Office 365.
The Network Shared Recycle Bin backups network deleted files on the server side.
Once you have this tool in your system, it will automatically keep a track of all the network deleted files and you can easily recover them.
The Network Shared Recycle Bin backups network deleted files on the server side.
Once you have this tool in your system, it will automatically keep a track of all the network deleted files and you can easily recover them.
Elcomsoft Makes Exploring iOS 9 iCloud and Local Backups Easy
ElcomSoft updates Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, a lightweight forensic tool for viewing information extracted from mobile backups.
Fake webcam 7 installs itself as a webcam on your PC and broadcasts a video.
Fake webcam 7 installs itself as a webcam on your PC and broadcasts a video. Use it with any application including Yahoo, Skype, Window Live MSN, Gtalk, Camfrog, AIM. It even works with web apps like, iVideoChat, LiveVideo, etc.


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