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New Listed Software

Jack The Prisoner
Shareware/Freeware software description: Jack - a prisoner of Alcatraz Island. Once he found in his cell file, with which Jack opened the iron grating. Your task is to help him cross the border of Mexico, where it will not seek. (..more)
Shareware/Freeware software description: This game is a platformer. The player has the ability to jump. All you have to do is jump from one platform to another. Be careful, some platforms have enemies. Good luck and fun. This game is a platformer. The player has the ability to jump. All you have to do is jump from one platform to another. Be careful, some platforms have enemies. Good luck and fun. (..more)
Just Jump 3
Shareware/Freeware software description: Just Jump 3 - This is the third part of a unique platformer. Your task is to dodge the projectiles flying at your character, jump over the spikes and go through level after level. In the third part, in comparison with the second, it was added: shells flying from the ceiling and the same from the walls. (..more)
Jumper H
Shareware/Freeware software description: JumperH is a classic platformer made in pixel power. There is nothing superfluous in this game - just enjoy this fascinating parkour. (..more)
Jet Pack Stick
Shareware/Freeware software description: An exciting game about the world famous Stickman. You have to dodge the burning lasers, collect coins and, if necessary, replenish the supply of hearts. Over time, the speed increases, so do not dare to relax, because hearts are not endless. The controls are as simple as possible: by clicking on the screen, our hero takes off. Good luck! (..more)


Updated Software

Javascript Obfuscator
Shareware/Freeware software description: Stop theft of your JavaScripts! Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code! Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into scrambled and completely unreadable form, preventing analysis and theft. (..more)
Job Timer 3
Shareware/Freeware software description: Job Timer is designed to keep track of how much time you spend on a job. You can save your project as you go, it also helps you figure out the cost of the job. Editable fields so you can name your section and price. It also includes a built in printable Invoice. (..more)
Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator
Shareware/Freeware software description: Jasob JavaScript Obfuscator is a popular tool, enabling JavaScript and CSS driven Web pages to be compressed and obfuscated into supertight, bandwidth-optimized code. When the Web code is not optimized, it takes the page longer to load. Besides, it makes the site s unique code easy to steal. Jasob software is an ideal solution for those who want to make their Web pages faster and protect their code and intellectual property. (..more)
Jingle Keyboard
Shareware/Freeware software description: Jingle Keyboard is a unique novelty desktop program that can make your typing sound like a real typewriter (for those of us who remember REAL typewriters). The program is a simple install that that runs in the task tray. In addition to typing and carriage returns, Jingle Keyboard also lets users assign sounds to the Esc and function keys, and even to mouse clicks. Users can choose from different sound schemes, including bird singing. (..more)
JoystickCursor Control Tool
Shareware/Freeware software description: This tool maps the movement of a joystick to cursor keys (up,down,left,right) as well as other keys including extra keys and mouse buttons. Up to 128 keys can be assigned. Great for scrolling around in the internet browser or similar tools without using a keyboard, may also be handy for windows games which do not support the joystick directly or electronic interfaces. Multiple joysticks, settings and key combinations supported. (..more)

Software News

AppGini 5.73 has been released
AppGini 5.73 Released.
WinNc, filemanager for Windows 10
WinNc has been developed for Windows 10 with two things in mind: speed and flexibility!
Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.8.4 is Released
Network LookOut Administrator Pro allows you to see live screens of remote computers. This way, you can watch what users are doing on the remote computer. announces an update for their Native Barcode Generator for FileMaker Pro. announces an update of their Native Barcode Generator for FileMaker.
Easy tool to resize (reduce or enlarge) any single or batches of photos.
Quick and easy tool to resize any single or batches of photos (images) for the purpose of sending it by email, publish it on the web or just to save space.


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