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New Listed Software

SQL Server Transaction Log Reader
Shareware/Freeware software description: SQL Server Transaction Log Reader is professional software that allows users to restore the SQL server database from transaction log files. The Tool can also repair the corrupted LDF files. Any new user can easily use the SQL server log analyzer because the software has an interactive user interface. The software offers a trial version to evaluate the complete software. It works efficiently on all versions of the Windows Operating system. (..more)
Sysinfo GoDaddy Email Backup Software
Shareware/Freeware software description: Best solution to backup GoDaddy email the GoDaddy backup tool comes with advance solution that will easily store GoDaddy into various Image Document formats such as PDF, Doc, Docx, DOCM, TIFF, GIF, JSON. Free demo version of GoDaddy Backup Tool permits users to backup only 50 emails per folder. (..more)
Scary Factory
Shareware/Freeware software description: It is a pleasure to guard an old and long-closed factory. Everything is quiet, calm and a good salary. Suddenly there was a noise, and a terrible dead man appeared at the door. The horror of what was happening passed quickly. Having shot at the dead man and jumping out into the street, he saw another crowd of zombies rushing to shoot. You need to quickly look for weapons, otherwise you will become food. (..more)
Scary Factory 2
Shareware/Freeware software description: The onset of night did not ease the situation, but added more difficulty in moving around the factory. It s good that the whole factory has been familiar for many years. The zombies, who now decided to attack in a crowd, surrounded from all sides. Quickly changing my position, I fired at them with all the weapons I had. You have to live until the morning. The day shift should help in the destruction of zombies. (..more)
SQL Log Analyzer tool
Shareware/Freeware software description: SQL Log Analyzer tool views SQL server transactions and recovers the corrupt SQL database from MDF and LDF files. This tool is a third-party utility that allows users to view SQL Server Transaction Logs files. This SQL Log Analyzer tool restores the database from MDF and LDF files. It saves the table objects such as primary key, unique key, foreign key, etc. (..more)


Updated Software

Safe PST Backup for Microsoft Outlook
Shareware/Freeware software description: Free Outlook backup tool. Back up Email archive, Contacts, Calendar and other folders automatically. Fast incremental backup will be done regardless if Microsoft Outlook is running or not. Schedule Outlook backup or back up PST files manually. Use Enterprise Edition to create fully customizable Outlook and Exchange backup on your corporate network. Monitor and manage the backup process on multiple workstations from one place using Admin tool. (..more)
Shareware/Freeware software description: Simplio3D is an easy-to-use PNG imagery-based product configurator software, that offers the possibility to quickly set up a fully-working makeover tool for engaging visitors of the website to interact with a 3D version of the specific products, while also providing automatic customized quotations. (..more)
Sequentum Enterprise
Shareware/Freeware software description: Sequentum Enterprise is the leading enterprise web data extraction solution on the market today, with unparalleled support for large-scale operations. It has been specifically designed for corporations with a critical reliance on structured web data, legal compliance and those who demand data quality and reliability. Sequentum Enterprise succeeds where most competitor solutions fail. (..more)
System Monitor II
Shareware/Freeware software description: System Monitor shows your CPU core usage (supporting up to 40 cores) and RAM usage (physical, page file and full, includes virtual). It also displays all cores and RAM usage history and cores temperatures. Writing data to a log file. Supports multi CPU systems. Have many settings to customize. It does not require any 3rd party applications. Resizable! Save settings to file. (..more)
Speed Reading
Shareware/Freeware software description: Exercises that promote attention and peripheral vision will help develop speed reading capabilities. There are 3 exercises: 1 - Two letters will appear on the screen. The upper can be any letter of the alphabet and you need to read it aloud, and the bottom can be B, L or R, and you must raise your hand corresponding to one of the letters L- left R- right and both hands for B. 2 - Similar to the first exercise, but with 3 more letters added that a (..more)

Software News

This is a story about a war that happened far away from home in the general Segovsky Empire space fl
This is a story about a war that happened far away from home in the general Segovsky Empire space fleet led by Derek Spaceman. On planet Earth, where he lives and is the grandson of General, something terrible happened. Crowds rushed mutants from the
Though in game only of 15 levels, not all can reach the end! You have no limited number of attempts,
Though in game only of 15 levels, not all can reach the end! You have no limited number of attempts, but one contact to something and level will begin with the beginning. Having closed game you will begin from the very beginning. Therefore you have t Announces New Intelligent Mail Barcode Font. Announces New Intelligent Mail Barcode Font.
Microsoft Outlook data Backup, with the latest version of Safe PST Backup
Updated Safe PST Backup allows to filter data by more parameters. Added single panel to set backup rules without configuration file
New version FastReport FMX 2.3 released
FastReport FMX 2.3 is released with support of Embarcadero s RAD Studio 10 Seattle and RAD Studio XE7 for both Delphi and C++Builder developing environment.


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