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>Virtual Flower - Trees and Flowers from 3D Fractals, and Intricate Geometries, including 4D shapes, More than 50000 freeware software, shareware, software listed and growing......




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Virtual Flower - Trees and Flowers from 3D Fractals, and Intricate Geometries, including 4D shapes
Press Release from Publisher: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Isle of Mull, Scotland - August 24th 2011, Robert Inventor announces an update of Virtual Flower 2.1 With virtual flower you can create flower, and tree-like geometrical shapes as well as pure geometrical forms and the special animated star spheres . The program comes with wizards to help you to create your flowers, trees, and geometrical forms. The pure geometrical forms include a huge variety of 3D prisms, pyramids, polyhedra, stellated polyhedra etc. They also include 4D shapes such as hypercubes and more complex 4D shapes (i.e in 4D space), such as tesseracts, simplexes, the spectacular 120 cell with 120 dodecahedron faces and many more. You can watch as these shapes twist and change as you see them in different perspectives in 4D. You can also explore some geometrical shapes in 5 spatial dimensions and higher. The trees generated by Virtual flower are created using fractals, paralleling the way that trees are structured in nature. A few simple shapes are used for the branches, leaves and flowers, and these are re-used to make larger and larger structures. Most 3D models of trees in 3D scenes are made up mainly of textures to reduce the download time, and may in fact just be a billboard type flat texture that turns around to follow the viewer. That s because true 3D trees are normally so much larger in terms of file size. With Virtual Flower though you can make intricate truly 3D trees and flowers, which are small in file size, when included in VRML scenes. The difference is impressive - instead of several MBs, a typical tree is just a few KB in VRML format. Even a whole forest of trees, animated with the leaves rustling, is still just a few KB in this file format. You can view these scenes using the VRML plugin Cortona. This lets you embed your geometrical forms, flowers, trees and forests in web pages to share with others. You can also export your animations as animated gifs, flash animated jpegs, flash movies, or as single animation frames in many image formats such as pngs, jpegs, gifs or bitmaps You can also make anaglyph flowers which spring into 3D when you view them using red blue anaglyph specs. You can even make coloured anaglyphs - which you see in 3D, with some variation in colour, when viewed using normal anaglyph viewing specs. You can also make stereoscopic images. This format lets you see the shape in 3D in full colour. Comes with a VRML scene that shows each of your virtual flowers at random. You can install this scene as your screen saver using the Cortona Screen Saver, and you can accompany your scene with a random choice of fractal music from the companion program Fractal Tune Smithy. The download includes a free 30 day trial with all the features completely unlocked. For the download, example VRML files to view, videos, and more information visit http: software virtualflower index.htm
Tags: Fractal  3D  flower  tree  hypercube  120-cell  animation  geometrical shape  cube  dodecahedron  polyhedron  V 
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