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Backup Software Solutions For Data Protection With GRBackPro - Professional Service Backup Software
Press Release from Publisher: When a hard drive fails the most issue is the need to recover the data and get back to work. GRBackPro is a Windows data backup program that helps protect and recover from such events. Users can define multiple backup sessions: back up a whole disk, a single folder or just a few files. An integrated scheduler will start a backup automatically without user intervention, even if the PC is in stand-by. Conditions can be set such as paths available, no user input, and CPU loading limits to fine tune the backup process. GRBackPro supports networks, USB drives, hard drives, and all removable hard drives. Tapes are not supported. GRBackPro can be installed as a Windows Service to have backups start even if no users are logged in. It supports Windows Volume Shadow Copy on both 32bit and 64bit systems in order to be able to backup open and locked files. GRBackPro handles long path names up to 1024 characters. Unicode file names are supported even inside the zip archives. Multiple destination disks can be spanned so as to easily build a multi disk backup set. There is a split mode to easily burn DVDs after the backup has been completed. There is a History mode to keep multiple backup sets. There is also an integrated restore facility to easily restore files or whole backups and also to keep two or more PCs synchronized. One or more tasks can be executed before and or after the backup, such as start stop restart services close an application, start a program, pause the backup, open a message box, end a process, or send an email (which, among other options, will send the backup log report if any error has been found in the backup). Registry backup both locally (for an easy manual restore) or on the destination disk. There is an automatic software update facility. This is a fully featured backup software with many professional options built to solve any data backup problem. GRBackPro is very suitable for inexperienced users because it support a Basic operational mode that drop advanced options to simplify noive user life. The release of this version of GRBackPro - Professional Windows data backup software adds some exciting new features. A new OnChange (real-time) backup let you back up your file while you are working on them. The software is available in both Workstation and Server versions, enabling data backup in a small to medium sized network. With this new release, GRSoftware has refined the Service administration featuring user access control of specific groups and or users. Email sending supports SSL TLS so that email can be sent to, for example, accounts. Another feature is the conditional backup execution based on paths available, user input and CPU load. These features facilitate the customization of backup software solutions. Version 8 lets users easily backup valuable data and supports Windows 11,10,8,7, and Server 2022,2020,2019,2016,2012,2008. GRBackPro is a full featured backup software solution at low cost for the Windows platform and works quickly and silently in the background. Visit us: https:
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