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Software Name: Logon Sentry
: 1.2.8

Category: Drivers    

Date Listed/Updated: 2011-03-18 01:38:30

File size: 261246 KB

OS: Mac OS X,Mac Other,Mac PPC,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac OS X 10.4,Mac OS X 10.3,Mac OS X 10.2,Mac OS X 10.1  License: shareware  Price($): 29.95

Author/Publisher name: David Scott

Logon Sentry

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Description: Monitor all login attempts both succeeded and failed. In order to prevent an access to your data, this program generates an alert and captures an image from the iSight camera. You won't be lost in guesses trying to figure out the identity of the outsider since Logon Sentry will recognize the spy and provide you with an image accuracy of the computer trespasser. Therefore it enables you to keep your computer under supervision when you are not present. Logon Sentry is designed to guard your computer data and to secure it against illegal breaking into the system. Performing such functions as control over all Login Events by using iSight and detection of login fails this program thereby aims at providing you with 24-hour supervision of your computer data.





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Tags: logon  login  access  mac  mac os x  privacity  passwords  isight 

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Press release from the publisher:

Logon Sentry roots out computer tampering. Computer software company ProteMac is pleased to announce the release of the new product Logon Sentry that has been developed to exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to your Mac system. Logon Sentry works in conjunction with screenshot function to monitor automatically all logon attempts both succeeded and failed. In order to block the unwanted access to your database, this program generates an alert and captures an image of the stranger from the iSight camera. After a login attempt Logon Sentry immediately establishes the identity of the system breaker thus granting the surveillance around the clock. Logon Sentry sets control policy tracking all logon events and providing user notification via e-mail. This practicable software comes packed with improved capabilities such as increased preview speed and fixed Miscellaneous bugs which makes Logon Sentry the high level security software. In case of emergency Logon Sentry notifies you about unauthorized logon attempt with the iSight camera image attached via e-mail to provide remote control over the computer access. Since Logon Sentry is conceived as a security against illegal breaking into the computer system, it is the perfect solution for privacy-concerned Mac users. This safe tool prevents both material and virtual theft protecting your Mac computer and personal data. Logon Sentry roots out computer tampering and aims at providing users with reliable security platform for Mac system.

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