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Software Name: SecureCRT for Mac
: 8.7.1

Category: Miscellaneous    

Date Listed/Updated: 2020-03-18 21:11:42

File size: 40038 KB

OS: Mac OS X  License: Other  Price($): 99.00

Author/Publisher name: VanDyke Software Inc.

SecureCRT for Mac

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Description: SecureCRT for Windows, Mac, and Linux provides rock-solid terminal emulation, secure remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling with advanced session management and automation. Access an array of network devices via SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Telnet SSL, Serial, and other protocols, with authentication via password, public key, X.509 certificate, Kerberos v5 via GSSAPI, and keyboard interactive. Ciphers include AES, AES-CTR, Twofish, Blowfish, 3DES, and RC4. A high-productivity UI saves time with multi-session launch, tabbed tiled sessions, cloned sessions, a dockable session manager, a button bar for repeated commands, and mapped keys. Session customization options include named sessions and firewalls, fonts, cursors, and color schemes. A personal data folder allows separate storage of logon credentials. Other features include auto logon, printing, Emacs mode, SOCKS firewall support, and file transfer via SFTP, Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Kermit. A built-in TFTP server provides additional file transfer flexibility. VT100 102 220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50 60, Xterm, and Linux console emulations are supported - all with ANSI color and color schemes. Unicode support includes character sets from multiple languages, multi-byte characters, and right-to-left reading order. Scripting capabilities include a script recorder, login scripts, and support for ActiveX scripting languages, and embedded Python. A 30-day, fully-functional evaluation includes access to technical support.





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Tags: encryption  SSH  SSH client  SSH1  SSH2  Secure Shell  port forwarding  data tunneling  tunneling  S 

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Press release from the publisher:

SecureCRT 8.7 and SecureFX 8.7 from VanDyke Software Help System Administrators Work Faster and More Efficiently Albuquerque, NM (Feb 11, 2020)-VanDyke Software, a developer of multi-platform secure terminal emulation and file transfer software, today announced the official release of SecureCRT 8.7 and SecureFX 8.7. SecureCRT and SecureFX 8.7 Support Windows 10 and macOS Catalina For organizations making the switch from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, SecureCRT and SecureFX 8.7 are compatible. They are also compatible with macOS Catalina, including support for Dark Mode. SecureCRT 8.7 Keyword Highlighting Enhancements Simplify Device Management In environments with large numbers of connected devices, the ability to do word, phrase, and substring matching and use regular expressions in keyword highlighting makes device management easier. ?The enhanced regex capabilities of SecureCRT 8.7 paired with endless color-coding options (for keyword highlighting) allow me to efficiently identify outliers, visually scan and filter results very quickly, and highlight errors and inconsistencies that I would have otherwise missed, said Alan Skinner at Cox Communications. New Command Manager in SecureCRT for Windows Streamlines Repetitive Tasks For customers who wanted more buttons than could fit on the button bar, the new Command Manager (Windows only) provides a simple way to organize commands into named folders. According to Shawn R. Hill, CISSP CCSE at AT&T, The Command Manager has completely revamped the Button experience. The ability to create a command tree list - sorted per vendor device type, environment, and even versions - exponentially improves the functionality of SecureCRT. Having the right commands, already proven to work from prior use and ready to go at the click of a mouse, is a huge time saver during troubleshooting sessions and outage mitigation efforts. SecureFX 8.7 Adds Multiple Local Windows and HTTPS (WebDAV) SecureFX 8.7 enhances productivity with a new option to pair each remote session with its own local window. The addition of HTTPS (WebDAV) increases SecureFX s flexibility for organizations that use multiple transfer protocols. SecureCRT 8.7 and SecureFX 8.7 Include Technical Support During Evaluation Fully-functional evaluation copies of SecureCRT 8.7 and SecureFX 8.7 can be downloaded from the VanDyke Software website at . Evaluators have full access to VanDyke Software s expert technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and testing during the 30-day evaluation period.

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