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Software Name: FreeGamia Star Hour HD
: 1.0

Category: Miscellaneous    

Date Listed/Updated: 2021-07-29 16:30:48

File size: 12261 KB

OS: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimate x64,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Win95,Win 3.1x,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Home Basic x64,Windows Vista Home Premium x64,Windows Vista Business x64,Windows Vista Enterprise x64  License: freeware  Price($): 0.00

Author/Publisher name: John Cornor

FreeGamia Star Hour HD

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Description: During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour! During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour! During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour! During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour! During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour!





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Tags: freeware  free game downloading  freeware games 

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Press release from the publisher:

During high tide the Starfish found herself on the shore. Help her get to the water. You can collect the cold drops which increase maximum number of steps you can do. Whereas hot drops can decrease maximum number of steps you can do. So many different pathes but only one is correct. So many fascinating episodes with pleasant music. Starfish waiting You! It is Your Star Hour!

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ShutDownFalcogames PC CleanerFalcogames Silicone IIFreeGamia Easy ChessFreeGamia Puzzles Collection 3FreeGamia Puzzles Collection 2FreeGamia Demon SlasherFreeGamia EbowlingFreeGamia Day Of Bad WorkerFreeGamia Projectgnh20FreeGamia Dead TVFreeGamia Puzzles Collection 1FreeGamia GomokuFreeGamia GroboidFreeGamia Glamour PuzzleFreeGamia GurcanoidFreeGamia Chess VS FriendsFreeGamia Bloody SantaFreeGamia Chess TournamentFreeGamia Chess ManiacFreeGamia Color CubesFreeGamia Color BlocksFalcogames What PadFreeGamia TunesFreeGamia Boomber CraftFreeGamia Nimble LordFreeGamia Traffic ConductorFreeGamia Billiards PyramidFreeGamia HelicFreeGamia TrafficFreeGamia Big Air WarFreeGamia Heli RacerFreeGamia The SignFreeGamia Underground ZombieFreeGamia VikingFreeGamia Underground TourFreeGamia Virtual BilliardFreeGamia The Collector Of BerriesFreeGamia Tank RushFreeGamia USA Presidents VS BootsFreeGamia Virtual Piano Play MelodyFreeGamia The Brave MoonFreeGamia Tanks Start Of The WarFalcogames Alarm ClockFalcogames Plop FlopFalcogames Need To RunFreeGamia SeamonteFreeGamia AmmyFreeGamia StrategyFreeGamia WillFreeGamia Zombie Head Thrower3 Chibi ArenaFreeGamia BouncedFreeGamia Sad ManFreeGamia Funny PhysicsFreeGamia Hard DayFreeGamia 2CampsFreeGamia World Of CheckersFreeGamia Fruits ConnectFreeGamia Forest ArkanoidFreeGamia World In A Dream 2FreeGamia World In A DreamFreeGamia World Drawn By MeFreeGamia Hellish HeavenFalcogames Grind ZoneFalcogames Fill Up 2Falcogames AbstructFreeGamia Adventures Fish CocheFreeGamia Spock AdventuresFreeGamia Scary TetrisFreeGamia Mysteries Of The Secret GalleryFreeGamia Silver SoulFreeGamia RGB FlowFreeGamia Rollings MagicFreeGamia Mini CrafterFreeGamia MushBitsFreeGamia Antares1FreeGamia CubonoidFreeGamia Dissolute PairFreeGamia DefbaseFreeGamia Forgotten SpaceFreeGamia Defbase2FreeGamia Up Up UpFreeGamia Unknown AttackFreeGamia Dead OilFreeGamia ClickClock GirlsFreeGamia Flash ArcFalcogames SpintFreeGamia Bright BobFreeGamia Left 4 MinersFreeGamia Back To DownFreeGamia Instance DestroyFreeGamia In Search of LightFreeGamia ParkingFreeGamia LillsFreeGamia Princess AdventuresFreeGamia BalloonFreeGamia Pif PafFalcogames Math ManiaFalcogames Working Time ManagerFalcogames Night VillageFreeGamia JoraChessFreeGamia Flying WitchFreeGamia Fast EaterFreeGamia Active MovementFreeGamia AntipodesFreeGamia Fly To The MoonFreeGamia JimboFreeGamia Future TanksFreeGamia Joseph RunFreeGamia English WordsFreeGamia Dark LevelFreeGamia Desperate HunterFreeGamia Smile JumperFreeGamia End Of RoomFreeGamia Saw WarsFreeGamia Drums SimulatorFreeGamia Space AttackFreeGamia Sea Battle 1997FreeGamia Super RobolomFreeGamia Arkham Asylum AstrologyFreeGamia Air CruiseFreeGamia ArkanixFreeGamia Once In RussFreeGamia Crazy Heli 3DFreeGamia Green CaseFreeGamia CuboxFreeGamia GravionFreeGamia Astrology IIFreeGamia OTTFFalcogames Hide And SecretFreeGamia Kill Them AllFreeGamia Murder Of MonstersFreeGamia The Lost In SpaceFreeGamia Industrial BallFreeGamia Maya GoldFreeGamia The JumperFreeGamia X LaraFreeGamia NeedlesFreeGamia Naruto Memory GameFreeGamia My DiaryFreeGamia Wheel Of FortuneFreeGamia Small RacersFreeGamia Dungeons And SkeletonsFreeGamia Death Note Memory GameFreeGamia Space DestructorFreeGamia Droids WarsFreeGamia Story Of BeyondFreeGamia SAO Memory GameFreeGamia Snowmobile SimulatorFreeGamia Draw The PathFalcogames Just HeroFalcogames You Tube FreeFalcogames Kings Game Clash Or DefenseFreeGamia Kill All Zombies 2FreeGamia Anime Memory GameFreeGamia Monster Is Not AloneFreeGamia MabiiFreeGamia Master NinjaFreeGamia Knights Of LegendFreeGamia After EndFreeGamia Kill All Zombies 2015FreeGamia Kill All ZombiesFreeGamia Motorcycle SimulatorFreeGamia FL ArcanoidFreeGamia Crazy Bird AdventureFreeGamia Fort RaiderFreeGamia Crocodiles In Mid AirFreeGamia fl ChessFreeGamia RendzuFreeGamia Racers ClubFreeGamia fl Chess 2.0FreeGamia Run Robot RunFreeGamia CollectorFalcogames Computer MonitoringFreeGamia Evil DriverFreeGamia Bee AdventuresFreeGamia XolonFreeGamia Buggy Rider UnlimitedFreeGamia EquilitrisFreeGamia Zombie InfiltrationFreeGamia Path Of Warrior 2FreeGamia X Reaction LiteFreeGamia Pumpkin NinjaFreeGamia Pizza DefenceFreeGamia SpaceHFreeGamia Snowman Attack 2FreeGamia TorkvenFreeGamia StasisFreeGamia Stack Attack ClassicFreeGamia The HoleFreeGamia Spooky RangeFreeGamia Sweets SlicerFreeGamia Speed CalculationsFreeGamia Snowman AttackFalcogames Space PongFalcogames Hidden ToysFreeGamia Gloomy LabyrinthFreeGamia Lost IslandFreeGamia Asteroids BeltFreeGamia Cubey IIFreeGamia LabirynthosFreeGamia ColoRythmsFreeGamia Cursed LandFreeGamia Little TowerFreeGamia Arcanoid Ball Of DestinyFreeGamia CubeyFreeGamia Help Is Not ComingFreeGamia Hot ZombFreeGamia New Years Master NinjaFreeGamia Shooter BenFreeGamia Happy BloxFreeGamia Shot Ball 2FreeGamia Nazi ZombiesFreeGamia Singolarity 2DFreeGamia Shuriken JusticeFreeGamia Shot BallFalcogames Full Off Road 2Falcogames SpeedfastFalcogames Meme 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Ricochet And ZombiesFreeGamia Black JackFreeGamia Bungee AmsterFreeGamia Square BoyFreeGamia Square Boy IIFreeGamia Tic Tac Toe IIFreeGamia SpaceFreeGamia The Iron HorseFreeGamia SombraFreeGamia Snake Man 3DFreeGamia TreasureFalcogames Miners StrikeFreeGamia Bloody WheelsFreeGamia D RaceFreeGamia Apple AdrenalineFreeGamia CubezFreeGamia Cranks Rescue A PlanetFreeGamia Balls FightingFreeGamia Bloody Wheels IIFreeGamia D Race 2 New ChallengeFreeGamia BooDFreeGamia ArandnoidFalcogames GeminiFreeGamia Logical RoomFreeGamia My Little WitchFreeGamia Magic CrystalsFreeGamia Little Aqua WorldFreeGamia MilarnoidFreeGamia Operation Return GiftsFreeGamia Out Of G ZoneFreeGamia Last WarFreeGamia Arkanoid ClassicFreeGamia Angry ChuckFreeGamia HelexerFreeGamia Iron Man The Mandarin AttackFreeGamia HyperspaceFreeGamia 15 DefenseFreeGamia Fluffy AdventureFreeGamia Incident On The FarmFreeGamia InvasionFreeGamia Magnet GameFreeGamia Multi MindFreeGamia Frozen IslandFreeGamia Cookie DefenceFreeGamia War Tanks Beyond The TimeFreeGamia Work The OrcFreeGamia Virus AttackFreeGamia Kill The VirusFreeGamia Wood Land ArcanoidFreeGamia Crazy ChessFreeGamia KaruyFreeGamia Viking JourneyFreeGamia ZoobastickFreeGamia Acrophobia BallFreeGamia Acrophobia Ball IIFreeGamia Dimension JumperFreeGamia Easy Game Gray WorldFreeGamia Unreal Battle TanksFreeGamia Basketball MachineFreeGamia Deaths BirthdayFreeGamia Defender Of TowerFreeGamia Blessed BallFreeGamia Battle For LifeFalcogames Drug WarsFalcogames Round KillerFreeGamia ParallelFreeGamia Slayer Of DemonsFreeGamia They Like Darkness IIFreeGamia They Like Darkness IIIFreeGamia Slaughter SpaceshipFreeGamia Portals CrasherFreeGamia They Like DarknessFreeGamia Paranormal ZoneFreeGamia Star DustFreeGamia The Broken SlenderFreeGamia Angry PlantsFreeGamia Lost Robo FactFreeGamia RivalnoidFreeGamia Angry Plants 2FreeGamia Mechanical BoxesFreeGamia RollerFreeGamia Legacy Of The Black TowerFreeGamia Maze Of Dark ShadowsFreeGamia Legend Of The 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