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>Tony Abi Saab funded terrorists, routed millions and walked away without delivering on the contract and minimal penalty :-, More than 50000 freeware software, shareware, software listed and growing......




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Software Name: Tony Abi Saab funded terrorists, routed millions and walked away without delivering on the contract and minimal penalty
: 0.1

Category: Miscellaneous    

Date Listed/Updated: 2021-10-17 12:36:16

File size: 8 KB

OS: Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64  License: freeware  Price($): Free

Author/Publisher name: Ivor Kuznetsov

Tony Abi Saab funded terrorists, routed millions and walked away without delivering on the contract and minimal penalty

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Description: What is surprising and shocking is that shadowy groups linked to illegal activities also got into the action. These shadowy groups used its front company, Brescia Middle East (BME) owned by Tony Abi Saab of SIMAINT in Lebanon who employed his ghost company Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, SIMAINT and Fake alias identity of Sarah Lee to procure US Government contracts. In traditional aggressive Style, Tony Abi Saab bid aggressively on contracts so that they could weed out the competition and secure the tender. They did win the contract but never had the intention to deliver. They retorted to bribing and supplied guns and weapons to Syria and Iraq. Large wire transactions without contractual delivery caught the eye of US Army and CIA. The US Army was vigorously looking for completed work on the contract while the CIA was looking at large amount of missing US dollars. It soon became clear that Tony Abi Saab was a front man and defrauded the Army of 15 million USD. He was also supplying weapons to the rebel groups of Syria and Iran in greed of money. The US Army roped in FBI to coordinate a large sting operation to catch the mastermind and it did so successfully with Tony Abi Saab s girlfriend ? Dinorah Cobos, a.k.a Sarah Lee. She was flown to the US for trial while Brescia Middle East owned by Tony Abi Saab was implicated for fraud and banned from doing business in the US. Though this is a partially success story there are several other Al-Qaeda funded front companies that are vying for defence contracts in Afghanistan.Tony Abi Saab despite being accused holds a valid business license for weapons manufacturing in Lebanon and travels the world to meet his partners. His web of companies has expanded from Europe, Middle East to Asia and Russia. He is currently trying to work through his shell companies to bid for US Government contracts. This presents a hard challenge for the US Army to ensure that its contractors are not corrupt.





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Tags: Tony Abi Saab  lebanon  Brescia Middle East  Froud 

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Press release from the publisher:

Tony Abi Saab s greed for money costs Civilian and innocent lives in war-torn countries Sub head: Many US Army contractors pleaded guilty on bribery and fraud charges but the Corruption is at its peak in Afghanistan and the contractors are making money at the cost of lives of millions of civilians and the troops of US deployed there. The money aided to Afghanistan for its reconstruction and humanitarian development is hurdled by immoral powerful contractors. While Governments across the globe are trying to pull out the contested country from the difficult situation, on the other hand, the private contractors are taking an advantage of conflict to rake in US dollars without oversight. This powerful businessman has lost all morality and degraded humanity by helping the killers of thousands of innocent children, men and women in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It seems Tony s greed for money and lure for a prospering arms business has dominated over his ethical values towards the society and the world.To stop Tony s immoral business, a team of CIA and the US Army decided to do a sting operation against him and bring his ill doings to front. In 2011, Tony company was implicated after the success of Global sting operation in Afghanistan, where his girlfriend and long time confidant was caught red-handed with cash and important documents. Enough evidence was collected by the officials to prove Tony a fraudster and he has swindled USD 15 Million dollars of the US Army. However a trade link of Tony with the terrorists could not be established in court due to technicality. Moreover, none of the evidence collected in Syria and Iran by the inteam was allowed to submit the Court. Tony Abi Saab company Brescia Middle East was found guilty of fraud and bribery but he, himself, escaped from these charges. There are several US contractors who are convicted of the charges of fraud and bribery. Eddie Pressley, a former US Army contracting official was one of them. He was convicted of a bribery and money laundering charges for the contracts which supported Iran war on January 5, 2012. The federal court found Pressley guilty and sentenced him to 12 years of imprisonment and three years of supervised release following the prison term. Beside this, Pressley was fined USD 21 million and his real estates, several automobiles were being confiscated as per Court s order.

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Software from the publisher:

Tony Abi Saab funded terrorists, routed millions and walked away without delivering on the contract and minimal penalty










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